April 2017

Craig Stenbroten, UWO Football Assistant Coach Passionate, complex, caring. Luke Venne, UWO Football Assistant Coach Passionate, dedicated, hardworking. Brett Kasper, UWO quarterback Real, passionate, caring. Dylan Hecker, UWO running back Leader, passionate, motivational Sam Mentkowski, UWO wide receiver Genius, honest, leader Nick Boyd, UWO defensive lineman Focused, empowering, genius Ty Summers, UWO offensive lineman Dedicated, patient, mentor  

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53 Richard Smith (BS), of Bradenton, Florida, wrote Life After Eighty: A Personal Perspective on Living Well and Staying Happy, available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. 

64 Mary Anne Hill (LS) and (MSE) ’71, of Oneida, helped create the Wall of Hope and Healing, a

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