UW Oshkosh: A research-enhanced comprehensive university

In this issue of Engage magazine you will learn about some of the amazing work happening at UW Oshkosh and what the future holds for our excellent University. I am excited to share with you the vision that is coming into focus for the institution through our comprehensive strategic planning process.

This new vision puts a spotlight on research, an area in which UW Oshkosh already excels. While this University puts its greatest value in teaching, our faculty finds balance in three key areas of academia: teaching, research and service. With that, there is an astonishing amount of quality research already taking place at UW Oshkosh—as you will read in this issue. Going forward, we will elevate our commitment to and time spent on research even more.

This year, we will move forward with a plan to differentiate UW Oshkosh as a research-enhanced comprehensive university. A comprehensive university—sometimes simply called a “regional public university”—is our official institutional designation. Our goal for the future at UW Oshkosh is to further leverage the intellectual capital on this campus and focus on research, while also staying true to our core mission of delivering quality education.

In practice, this could mean a shift in the life of the faculty, allowing more flexibility in how their expertise is focused. We want to encourage faculty members to focus on a career path that offers them the best opportunity to excel. We have faculty who love the teaching and service aspects of their career, while others find their passion in research and bringing that work into the classroom and connecting it to the student experience. We have room for both. We have a need for both. In the end, this shift will provide an even better education for our students.

I look forward to what the future holds for our University. The opportunities at UW Oshkosh are limitless, and I am excited to embrace the talent, energy and passion of the campus community to bring the new strategic plan to life.

With gratitude,

Andrew J. Leavitt, Chancellor

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