How do you define intelligence?

“Knowing the knowledge you need to cope with society and whatever you choose to endeavor in.”
Antoine Davis, junior, Kinesiology



“I think intelligence is striving to understand the world around you… The more you work to understand people around you and worldview and things like that, I think the more intelligent you are.”
Amber Wilkinson, junior, Communication Studies



“How you read, interpret and respond to information, whether that be emotional, physical or intellectual data.”
Jacob Batterman, senior, Journalism




“To be able to make up your own opinions about important issues without being biased. Just being able to make up your mind about things on your own.”
Katherine Garcia, senior, Radio-TV-Film




“Pushing yourself to be bigger and better intellectually in any way you possibly can. I think it’s comprehensive.”
James Young, senior, Spanish




“Pursuing our dreams, that’s intelligence—studying, doing all we can to be all we can be.”
Ciarra Jones, freshman, Nursing



“My definition of intelligence would not solely be an IQ-based thing nor would it be a GPA-based thing. I would go strongly with the cultivation of intellect, which is the desire to continuously increase your knowledge and understanding of the world.”
Ian Young, sophomore, undeclared

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