What inspires you?

“Art inspires me the most. I am a nursing student, and it’s the emotional part that keeps me going and inspired.”
Maria Peyer, Nursing, Senior





“Working with students here at UW Oshkosh keeps me motivated each and every day.”
—Chelsea Redger, Program Adviser for Reeve Union Board and General Leadership Development




“Students inspire me the most. Helping them find their purpose in their college time here.”
Ashley Andersen, Alumna ’13, graduate student at St. Cloud State University




“Trying new things inspires me, like starting and finishing a good book.”
Jake White, Journalism, Senior





“To reach my goals and dreams, that’s what I’m working toward.”
Toua Khang, Radio-TV-Film, Senior





“Having people be leaders and role models by getting other people to be great.”
Nick Boyd, Undeclared, Freshman—Nick Boyd, Undeclared, Freshman





“Thinking about the future and what could possibly happen, the potential of the future is what inspires me.”
Garrett Wright, English, Senior

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