Student Profile: Kevin Schellinger

Year: Senior
Hometown: Kewaskum
Major: Art; emphases in Graphic Design and 3-D

An interest in sculpture reinforced by encouragement from high school teachers and support from his friends led Kevin Schellinger to major in art at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

With emphases in graphic design and 3-dimensional art, Schellinger defines his artwork, which ranges from sculptures based on his life experiences to graphic design pieces from his internship with UW Oshkosh Career Services, as functional and useful.

“Art is everywhere around us,” Schellinger said.

It’s the bench or chair you sit on everyday, it’s a coffee mug and food packaging.

For Schellinger, each piece of art has two audiences: the general public and the artist.

“Art is an extension of the artist,” Schellinger said. “Other people may see it and make interpretations, but it’s really the artist’s inter-pretation of how they thought something should be portrayed.”

Encouraged by his professors at UW Oshkosh to have meaning behind each piece, Schellinger uses the process of creating a sculpture to work through his life experiences, and when finished, he said he feels a sense of closure.

His artwork not only serves as an avenue to deal with difficult life situations, but also is an activity that genuinely makes Schellinger happy.

“It has to be something that intrigues you, fills you with passion,” Schellinger said. “When you have that passion, it will show—you’ll do it in your free time, find ways to do it better and you’ll be doing something you want to do.”

View additional photos of Schellinger’s graphic design and 3-D artwork

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