Engage contributors weigh in to answer the question:

What is your greatest success?

“While I feel I have been very fortunate to have success in many areas of my life, I have to play the “Mom Card” and narrow down my greatest success to be my two little girls. I’ve never met two individuals with such warm hearts yet so spunky and strong. ” — Jamie Ceman ’00, Engage Managing Editor




“I have no degree – no academy award – no important title….but what I do have and what I think my greatest success is, is simply having a quiet reputation for honesty, servanthood, hard work and an anchor for my soul!” — Linda Cotton, Engage Contributor





“One memory I have of a grand success from elementary school sticks with me to this day. I was beyond thrilled to play the lead role in Charlotte’s Web. I adored scampering about the stage as that beautiful and wise spider: “The autumn days grow short and cold; / It’s Christmas time again. / Then snows of winter slowly melt. / The day grows short, / And then… / He turns the seasons around, / And so she changes… her gown: / Mother Earth… and Father Time. How very special are we… / For just a moment… to be… / Part of life’s… eternal… rhyme.” — Natalie Johnson, Engage Editor


“Raising five children.” — Shawn Hansen, Engage Web Developer






“Graduating with no student debt.” — Tim Holdsworth, Engage contribuitor






“I would have to say my greatest success would be maintaining decent grades in school while working two part-time jobs to help pay for school.” — Jacob Browning, UW Oshkosh student photographer, Engage Contributor





“At this stage of my life, my greatest success comes in the form of serving my community. I wasn’t born in Oshkosh, I wasn’t raised or schooled here. Yet, this community has given me so much—jobs, opportunities, my husband, some of the world’s greatest friends—and I can’t help but feel success in giving back to it. Giving of my time and talents by serving on a slew of committees and boards—the ones most near and dear to my heart include my roles with the Women’s Fund of the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation, Oshkosh United Way, Growing Oshkosh and the UW Oshkosh Women’s Center—is important to me. Community service—service you give without expectation—makes me feel successful. ” — Mandy Potts, Engage Content Editor

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