Every edition, we spend an afternoon at the diverse campus crossroads that is Reeve Memorial Union and pose a question to some of the faculty, staff, students and visitors we meet.

How do you define success?


“If you’re happy with the way you are and the way your life is, then I think that is successful.”
Mao Vang, senior, elementary education





“I define success in the journey and not in the destination.”
Susan Fochs, Sophomore, pre-business




“It doesn’t have to be something big but … accomplishing something, small things.”
Edrose Heiny, Junior, psychology




“The key to success for me is to have challenges, good relationships and an overall good view of life.”
Nathan Peplinski, ‘13, philosophy and chemistry



“When I set my goals, however close I come to reaching those goals is how I judge success. The ultimate success is reaching that goal, but I kind of go by steps. Each little step toward that goal is another little success, so the more obstacles I can overcome the greater the success becomes.”
Tom Beschta, Senior, journalism



“I’m from Haiti, but I just came here to study. My dream before I came here was to come and study in the United States, so I worked to make this happen. Because I am here today, even though I am not graduated yet, I can call that a success for my life … because I have dreamed it before, and I worked to try to make it happen, and here
I am today.”
Eliseo Lacossiere, junior, pre-business


“It is different for every person. Success needs to be within the context of an individual’s goals and what he or she wants to accomplish. It is rising to the top of your field and being respected by your colleagues for your work.”
Melissa Bublitz, College of Business, assistant marketing professor


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