Every edition, we spend an afternoon at the diverse campus crossroads that is Reeve Memorial Union and pose a question to some of the faculty, staff, students and visitors we meet.

If you could develop an undergraduate class, what topic would you focus on?

Matthew Kubis



“A class teaching conditioning that blends kinesiology and coaching would be interesting.”
Matthew Kubis, Freshman, Athletic Training



Kapricia Davis



“I think I would want a cooking class because a lot of us don’t know how to cook. We just go and eat at Blackhawk too much.”

Kapricia Davis, Freshman, Nursing


Kyle Kohl



“I would want a health class that teaches the science of attraction. It’s something that can be a whole class and no one teaches or knows anything about. I think it would be riveting.”
Kyle Kohl, Senior, Radio-TV-Film


Marlena Ryan



“I think a class that teaches pop culture would be best. I really enjoy movies and would like to know more about them. I also like to look at magazines, and I enjoy memorizing quotes from movies.”
Marlena Ryan, Freshman, Pre-Professional – Physical Therapy



Adam Schapekahm



“Something involving sports history would be something I would like. A lot of people like sports but don’t know how they started.”
Adam Schapekahm, Sophomore, Business



Susan Cramer



“I would create a course on change and the future. In this class, we would discuss change, the future and our life/career plans. We all need to learn how to thrive in times of change.”
— Susan Cramer, Graduate Studies Dean





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