Student Profile: Sonia Singh

Year: Graduate student
Hometown: Pune, India
Major: Master’s in cognitive/affective psychology

As her May 2013 graduation from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh approaches, Sonia Singh is counting on her experience with three psychology studies to help her land either a research position or a spot in one of 12 doctoral programs she has applied to across the country.

“My goal is to become a cognitive science researcher,” she said. “UW Oshkosh is a modest but very friendly place to start.”

Singh has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in psychology and personnel management, both from the University of Pune, India.

One of eight psychology graduate students at UWO, Singh’s master’s thesis work is supervised by UWO associate professor James Koch. For her thesis, she is conducting a cognitive neuroscience study that looks at the effects of training on attention.

As a graduate research assistant, Singh also is helping Koch with his study of the effects of social networking on emotions. This work involves collecting and analyzing data with an electroencephalogram. She also assisted with the literature review and content analysis for the study.

Last summer, Singh had an internship at Duke University in North Carolina, where she also had the opportunity to visit her extended family.

“I worked on an ongoing project examining the effects of fear on time perception,” she explained. “As part of the project, we used a shock stimulus to simulate threat and collected galvanic skin response or sweat gland activity along with heart rate variability. It was super exciting.”

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