My most cherished UW Oshkosh memory would be getting to know Mrs. White, the former nutrition and dance professor.  She was the kind of woman who put heart and soul into teaching to her students.

Mrs. White had been a professor teaching in the Kinesiology Department at UW Oshkosh for more than 40years.  She was more than just a professor to me, and for a lot of other students, who had the opportunity to get to know her on a deeper level.  She was my role model, mentor, and friend.  She was always available to help her students in anyway that she possibly could.  Every year, Mrs. White would host a sit-down meal at her house, which the students of her nutrition class would prepare for the night.  This was one of the ways Mrs. White would connect the students in developing a stronger bond within the physical education majors.

She would also encourage students to participate in the H.P.E.R Club at the university, go on out-of-town leadership conferences and attend national and state physical education conventions.  This made me appreciate all that she did in bringing joy and passion to becoming a physical education teacher. She influenced me to become the teacher I am today and introduced me to the love of teaching dance to my elementary students. Without Mrs. White being a part of my life, I would not be where I am today.  She is a wonderful warm-hearted woman, who dedicated her life to teaching and passing on what she loved to do, to her students.  She touched so many students’ lives by being the wonderful professor, she was.

by “D.” Robinson ’06, Germany

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