My most cherished memory occurred right after I received my diploma.

I thoroughly enjoyed all years at UWO. You might think the reason I picked graduation day was the obvious – to graduate and start the next chapter of my life.  That is partly true, however, the real motivation was something that my Dad said to me.

We all filed across the stage to receive our diplomas.  My Dad took it upon himself to meet me up front right as I came down the stairs from the stage.  He is not one to walk up in front of crowds.  He simply put his hand out to shake my hand.  I thought he was going to say “Congratulations!”  Instead, he said “The buck stops here son!”

It made me stand up a little straighter.  This was the wake up call and the motivation I used to start my career and be independent.  Thanks, Dad!

by Ross Mueller ’93, Mishicot

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