Every edition, we spend an afternoon at the diverse campus crossroads that is Reeve Memorial Union and pose a question to some of the faculty, staff, students and visitors we meet.

Even though you may disagree with them, who is a person you respect? And why?

“My best friend is someone who is super Christian, and I don’t always agree with (her), but I respect her because that is her opinion and she is not forcing me to believe the same thing.”
—    Torri Johnson, sophomore, English and theatre

“My cello professor. Even though he is an amazing mentor, it’s hard to hear his criticism, but I still respect him because I know he is going to make me a better player.”
—    Hannah Cole, freshman, cello performance

“My parents are from another culture than I was brought up in, and they tend to have a lot of different views on things than I do. But I respect them because they taught me the right way to grow up.”
—    Chau Lee, sophomore, accounting

“I disagree with the policy makers and politicians cutting teaching jobs and funding. But I respect them because they had to work hard to get into the positions they are in.”
—    Cody Martin, junior, kinesiology

“My best friend. We’ve been friends for 30 years, but our political views are totally opposite. I respect her for her compassion, the respect she shows for elders and because she’s honest with me even though I may not like what she has to say.”
—    Flora Stapel, ‘02, admissions counselor

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