After a semester filled with interacting via Twitter in Sara Steffes Hansen‘s classroom, here is what a couple of her students had to say in 140 characters or less:

Why do you feel using Twitter in your classroom was a creative execution of learning?

  • “Using @Twitter in the classroom doesn’t just provide one professor to learn from but the millions in the #twitterverse become teachers”¬† – @Derek_Schroeder
  • “It allowed us to interact with each and have respectful side conversations that 99% of the time sparked class discussions–great way to learn.” – @christine_dkrt

What did you learn from using Twitter in the classroom?

  • “I’ve learned that @Twitter in the classroom can provide #quickresponsivelearning and more depth than could ever be printed in a textbook” – @Derek_Schroeder
  • “You can connect with anyone, anywhere, at anytime.” – @christine_dkrt

Now that your class is over, how will you continue to creatively use Twitter?

  • “I use @Twitter daily to network, share information I find relevant, research my #hobbies and to find what’s new with the world” – @Derek_Schroeder
  • “Sharing¬†articles, awesome blogs, and keep connected with my old classmates.” – @christine_dkrt

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