Letter from the Alumni Director

‘… it is the courage to continue 
that counts’

We have explored some pretty deep and weighty themes and their connections to University of Wisconsin Oshkosh in past editions of Engage: environmentalism, entrepreneurialism and even altruism.

In this issue, we found the courage to tackle “courage.”

Courage has always been a fundamental component of effective teaching and learning. But in the last two years at UW Oshkosh, courage has taken on even greater importance. Inside and outside the classroom, our faculty, staff and students have challenged themselves to do more with less amid dramatic declines in state revenue. The surge of courage has been a point of distinction and source of pride here. It fuels academic program innovation and physical growth on campus.

No question, bravery is a virtue. But, as you’ll see in this issue of Engage, courage is different. Courage is more about determination and perseverance despite the conditions.

Our cover story outlines the array of courageous initiatives at UW Oshkosh, from catalytic community collaborations to the elegant reengineering of the core academic experience here.

Contributor Allison Reineck ’10, profiles the inspirational work of a young alumnus who helped launch a Wisconsin volunteer organization, giving physically and developmentally disabled people the opportunity to compete in life-changing athletic events.

We’ll share the incredibly courageous story of an alumna who, born to a nomadic family in Mongolia, overcame cultural obstacles and a horrific accident to earn a degree and reunite her family.

Winston Churchill, a man who knew a thing or two about courage, said it best when he observed: “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Take care,

Christine Gantner, Alumni Director

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