Every edition, we spend an afternoon at the diverse campus crossroads that is Reeve Memorial Union and pose a question to some of the faculty, staff, students and visitors we meet.

What is one of the best examples of courage you’ve witnessed in your life?

“When I was in New York, outside the city, and there was a terrible fire happening. A regular guy off the street just rushed in and saved three or four people. It was an awesome moment that really humbled me.”
Thomas Pech, freshman, English

“I had an aunt who had cancer and she fought and was strong through the whole thing.”
Erika Moczynski, sophomore, Spanish and 2D studio art

“When I found out I had a daughter coming. I did everything I could to make sure I was ready for her.”
Richard Williams, senior, human services

“Going up to a new freshman who doesn’t know anything about campus and showing them the ropes.”
Lue Yang, sophomore, business

“I work at a nursing home, and the nurses overall are courageous for what they do.”
Nicole Pleshek, sophomore, nursing

“When I learn these students’ stories—that they are here and getting 3-point-whatevers while they are raising children—to take it on and be so driven, I think that’s the most courageous thing on campus that I see.”
Micki Benz, College of Business, program assistant

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