Meet the Sources: Speaking on Altruism

The following University of Wisconsin Oshkosh faculty and staff members lent their expertise as sources in the cover story about altruism.

David Lishner

David A. Lishner, assistant psychology professor in the College of Letters and Science, is focused on a number of topics, including emotion and empathy-related processes. His current research consists of investigating the emotional and motivational aspects of human altruism.

Lishner was trained as a social psychologist at the University of Kansas, where he received a master’s degree and a doctorate in psychology. He became a UW Oshkosh faculty member in 2005.

Kevin McGee

Kevin McGee, economic professor and department chair for the College of Business, specializes in tax policy, investment under uncertainty and statistical theory and risk. He regularly teaches economic and business statistics, econometrics, microeconomic principles and public sector economics.

McGee earned his master’s degree and  doctorate from The Ohio State University and served on the Oshkosh Common Council from 1997 to 2001. He became a UW Oshkosh faculty member in 1982.

Carleen Vande Zande

Carleen Vande Zande, assistant vice chancellor for Curricular Affairs and Student Academic Achievement, leads the University’s programs and initiatives dealing with general education;  student learning assessment; curriculum planning and approval; issues related to student achievement and retention; program review and articulation agreements.

Vande Zande earned her master’s degree and doctorate in curriculum and instruction and educational policy from UW Madison. She became a UW Oshkosh administrative staff member in 2008.

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