On Campus

UW Oshkosh has 90,000 alumni who live all over the world, including in countries beyond the United States like Japan,


The passion Chancellor Andrew Leavitt has for the Bayeux Tapestry is no secret. His knowledge of the 950-year-old chronicle


I have made a deliberate decision to devote my higher education career to institutions such as the University of Wisconsin

Online Exclusives

UW Oshkosh senior Kathy Senn, of Oshkosh, recently took her scientific studies abroad.


Ten talented UW Oshkosh alumni will receive top honors from their alma mater.

From the Archives

Research Ready: For more than 100 years, UW Oshkosh operated a private elementary and middle school, above left, on campus


[caption id="attachment_6724" align="alignleft" width="296"] 2015-2016 Model UN Executive Board from the left: Daniel Dennis, Allison Mahnke, Nicole Lehto, Valerie Hagen

Through the Lens

A Capital Shot: Posters in the Rotunda showcases the amazing scholarly achievements of students throughout the University of Wisconsin System.