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Leafed through Engage, read name in “Passings.”
Felt heartache. Read name again to be sure. Already knew. Read again.
A while.
40 years mist and clouds lifted.
All walking to class again. Braved January cold.
Smiled at pretty girl.
More quickly, clouds returned. Paper became page. Paper and ink.
—    Jim Prindle ’74, Phoenix, Ariz.


Comments from Engage Online

UWO’s new front door
I am so proud to see how UW Oshkosh continues to grow with so many improvements over the past few years. The new footprints for the campus are exciting for long-term growth, which has to be a business model today.
—    Jim Miazga, Proud Titan ’74, Rhinelander

Saran’s story
A very inspiring story and Saran is certainly someone to be admired. Blessings to her and her family.
—    Tom Oleson ’63, Dunedin, Fla.



Just read thru new Engage. Looks great! Thx @MWgirl and @UWOshkoshEngage for a great resource!
—    @PattiBryant

@UWOshkoshEngage Saran’s story—such a beautiful read about courage, strength and determination! Got me a little teary eyed.
—    @leepanhia

Thank you @UWOshkoshEngage for sharing the essence and power of courage and relationships!

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